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Sometimes you just need a makeover.

Oh hey there, thanks for visiting Pod-zemni + Co. It looks like you've caught us in the middle of a makeover. Luckily, we're pretty good with this sort of thing, so we'll be back before you know it with an updated portfolio and improved service approach.


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What's value?

When creating our service approach, we asked ourselves which fundamental branding & marketing elements would generate level-up worthy potential. After a ton of whiteboarding, erasing, and sighing we finally established a comprehensive framework of four categories that would come to serve as the cohesive outline for all our service deliverables. At Pod-zemni + Co, we call that framework a value position.









We AIM to deliver and shoot with intention. 

We believe branding & marketing should build an authentic connection between you and your target-audience. That means we don't let deadlines steamroll our creative process or pump out collateral for the sake of filling up empty spaces. Instead, we've designed a mindful service approach that scales to meet the very extent of your needs while providing thoughtful, level-up worthy branding & marketing.


We aim to deliver value by aligning your strategies, itemizing your roadmaps, and manifesting your resources with the intention of giving our clients their best shot at getting to where ever their trying to go.



The first service in our creative process provides a thorough, under-the-hood examination that uncovers performance, differentiation, and audience insights. Our hands-on analysis sets the stage for prioritizing and developing new creative initiatives that align your strategic branding & marketing into a new value position.

Creative Equity Audit

Performance Valuation
Market & Industry Discovery
Target Audience Profiling
Competitive Landscape Review​

Hands-On Engagement
White Space Identification
Growth Opportunity Identification
Strategic Insight Proposition

Asset & Collateral Audit

Initiative Ideation & Briefing

Cost-Benefit Project Analysis

Itemized Project SOWs

Insider Cost Projections

Project Prioritization Schedules

Message & Identity Concepts

Content & Engagement Concepts

Technical Initiative Plan

​Project Management
Creative Talent Management
Art Direction & Oversight
Creative Design & Development
Message & Identity Branding
Content & Engagement Marketing
Print & Digital Collateral
Tools & Resources Development
Creative Tools & Assets

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